We Celebrate The Creator

Mahadevi Foundation is an NGO funded by eDominer. Under Mahadevi Foundation we help & support the poor and needy by collaborating with global NGOs like World Vision & CRY and local/national establishments like Asha Niketan (Bangalore), Adrane Charitable Trust (Bangalore), Bodhi Peet (Kolkata), etc. We also organize our own social activities at times.


World Vision

Our Sponsored Child

And here is Revathi, our sponsored child. We have completed 3 years of education for her and now we move this initiative to Mahadevi Foundation. I am excited as I plan to meet her soon. 🙂 Just thinking: if each one of us sponsor one child, what a difference we can make !!!

Asha Niketan, Bangalore

Asha Neketan is a home for the disabled. Mahadevi Foundation supports Asha Niketan with daily necessities.

They don’t need branded clothes or bed of roses. All they need is daily necessities and a helping hand. Mahadevi Foundation supports Asha Niketan in Bangalore (home for mentally retarded and people with physical disabilities) with bed sheets, pillow covers & towels. If you want to contribute, write to ab@amitbansal.net

Adrane Charitable Trust, Bangalore

Adrane Charitable Trust is a home to orphans. Mahadevi Foundation supports Adrane Chartiable Trust with daily necessities.

The joy of giving – Mahadevi Foundation celebrates new year 2014 with children at Shine orphanage (managed by Adarane Charitable Trust). We supported the orphanage with 1 month of provisions including rice, dal, oil, etc for 22 children and loads of tucks for the lovable kids !!!

Bodhi Peet, Kolkata

Mahadevi Foundation donates daily necessities to Bodhi Peet (a home for children with mental retardation in Kolkata). Here is a pic with the caretakers who have dedicated their life for these children. They are rendering true service.

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.