At eDominer, we view Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a mandatory activity every profitable entity should do. Helping the poor and needy is in our genes. We have indulged in several projects in India through our own NGO Mahadevi Foundation and through other NGOs that we support namely, CRY, World Vision, SaveTheChildren, ISKCON, Round Table India, Bodhi Peet, Swanthana, Asha Neketan, Adrane Charitable Trust, Angel Orphanage, Gandhi Old Age Home and a few more.

Mahadevi Foundation

Mahadevi Foundation is an NGO funded by eDominer. We undertake many activities, namely:

  • Sponsoring children education via World Vision India, CRY & SaveTheChildren.
  • Supporting Asha Niketan, Bangalore (home for disabled) with daily necessities.
  • Supporting Adrane Charitable Trust, Bangalore (home to orphans) with necessities.
  • Supporting Bodhi Peet, Kolkata (home for mentally disabled) with daily necessities.
  • Supporting various blood donation campaigns
  • Supporting Round Table India in their “Dialysis Project”
  • Supporting Angel Orphanage, Bangalore, with daily necessities
  • Supporting Gandhi Old Age Home, Bangalore, with daily necessities
  • Supporting Swanthana, Bangalore (Center for Mentally Physically Challenged) with daily necessities
  • And many more NGOs and charitable organizations

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Round Table India

eDominer is actively involved with Round Table India, one of the country’s premier service organizations. We have assisted them in several of their projects in Eastern India. We have taken part in several fund raising initiatives, as well as helped with the education of children. Our team regularly spends time with children from schools, lending a helping hand to their all-round development and growth. We are also actively involved with the “Freedom through Education” project, which empowers children who have lived in poverty all their lives to go to school and gain freedom.

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Other NGO’s we support