eDominer Systems Pvt Ltd is a business entity formed and established in India based on the Indian Companies Act 1956. eDominer further upgraded it’s compliance to The Companies Act 2013.

eDominer internally maintains many policies to enforce fair business practices, even though they may or may not be required by the India Leagl System.

Anti-Bribery And Anti-Corruption Policy

eDominer Systems Pvt Ltd. (Our Company), is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships wherever it operates, and to implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery. This includes compliance with all domestic laws prohibiting improper payments, gifts or inducements of any kind to or from any person, including officials in the private or public sector, customers and suppliers. Our Company is equally committed to the prevention, deterrence and detection of bribery and other corrupt business practices.

Purpose & Objective

The purpose of Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy (“ABAC Policy”) is to ensure that our Company sets up adequate procedures in order to prevent our company’s involvement in any activity relating to bribery, facilitation payments, or corruption, even where the involvement may be unintentional. It requires employees, directors, officers of the Company and third parties subject to this ABAC Policy to recognize questionable transactions, behavior or conduct, and to take steps to record, comply and follow procedures set in place to deal with such behavior or conduct.

Policy Requirements

No acceptance or offering of bribes and facilitating payments Strictly prohibited from giving or receiving bribes (i.e. personal benefit for any improper advantage) as well as facilitating payments (regardless of whether these are common practices in a particular country) which involve anything of value to government officials in order to expedite or facilitate routine, non-discretionary government actions.
Charitable and political donations Prohibited from payment of donations that are linked to obtaining any improper advantage
Hiring Practices Prohibited from using job placements, future employment, or internships for the purpose of improperly influencing a business decision
Gifts and Entertainment Prohibited from providing gift or entertainment to clients, prospects, government officials or their family members when such expenses are not incurred while conducting company business and/or do not satisfy this policy and our related policies.
Travel, Lodging and Related Expenses Prohibited from providing travel, lodging and related expenses to improperly influence a business decision or official action.
Payment & Recordkeeping All relevant expenditures must be properly documented, approved and maintained for a minimum of 6 years.
Due Diligence on Third-Party Representatives Required to conduct an appropriate due diligence review on background, reputation, and business capability before engaging or contracting with any third-party representatives and to include additional controls with higher risk relationships.
Periodic training Required to carry out appropriate training to employees regarding the Anti-Corruption Policy and their role to ensure compliance.


Scope and applicability

The principles set forth in this policy are applicable to eDominer Systems Pvt Ltd & its subsidiaries. It is, therefore, the responsibility of all units under eDominer to follow and adhere to all elements described in the Policy.

How To Raise Concerns (Whistle Blower Policy)
Our company’s employees, customers, partners, vendors & associates are encouraged to raise concerns about any bribery issue or suspicion of malpractice or any case of corrupt practice or any breach of this ABAC Policy or applicable ABAC law at the earliest possible stage. If you are unsure whether a particular act constitutes bribery or corruption or if you have any other queries, those should be raised with the respective reporting manager and the respective Compliance Officer. Concerns/queries should be addressed to the respective Compliance Officers at the following email addresses: directors[at]eDominer[dot]com and legal[at]eDominer[dot]com.

Any violation of this policy may have significant consequences, including potential prosecution, fines, and other penalties for improper conduct, as well as imprisonment and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination of the concerned.

Our company will ensure that no one will suffer any detrimental treatment as a result of refusing to take part in bribery or corruption, or because of reporting in good faith their suspicion that an actual or potential bribery or other corruption offense has taken place, or may take place in the future. Detrimental treatment includes dismissal, disciplinary action, threats, or other unfavorable treatment connected with raising a concern. If any individual believes that they have suffered any such treatment, they should inform the Compliance Officer immediately. If the matter is not remedied then the individual should raise it formally to the Chief Compliance Officer and or Human Resource Head (in case of an employee).

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy

eDominer Systems is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our human capital is the most valuable asset we have. The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities, and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of not only our culture but our reputation and company’s achievement as well.

We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.

eDominer’s diversity initiatives are applicable—but not limited—to our practices and policies on recruitment and selection; compensation and benefits; professional development and training; promotions; transfers; social and recreational programs; layoffs; terminations; and the ongoing development of a work environment built on the premise of gender and diversity equity that encourages and enforces:

  • Respectful communication and cooperation between all employees.
  • Teamwork and employee participation, permitting the representation of all groups and employee perspectives.
  • Work/life balance through flexible work schedules to accommodate employees’ varying needs.
  • Employer and employee contributions to the communities we serve to promote a greater understanding and respect for diversity.
  • All employees of eDominer have a responsibility to treat others with dignity and respect at all times. All employees are expected to exhibit conduct that reflects inclusion during work, at work functions on or off the worksite, and at all other company-sponsored and participative events. Any employee found to have exhibited any inappropriate conduct or behavior against others may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Employees who believe they have been subjected to any kind of discrimination that conflicts with the company’s diversity policy and initiatives should seek assistance from a supervisor or an HR representative. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the assistance you had intended to seek, please write to directors[at]eDominer[dot]com.
CSR Policy

India`s new Companies Act 2013 (Companies Act) has introduced the provision for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The concept of CSR rests on the ideology of give and take. Companies take resources in the form of raw materials, human resources etc from society. By performing the task of CSR activities, the companies are giving something back to society.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has notified Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Companies Act as well as the provisions of the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014 (CRS Rules) which has come into effect from 1 April 2014 and certain amendments in May 2016.

India became the first country to legislate the need to undertake CSR activities and mandatorily report CSR initiatives under the new Companies Act 2013.

As per the provisions, even though eDominer is not liable to undertake any CSR activity, we believe CSR should be core to any business entity, big or small. Even though eDominer is a Micro Small & Medium Enterprise, we undertake a wide range of CSR initiatives. We are proud of our work in this space. Learn more about eDominer’s CSR activities.