SQL Server & Data Platform Community

DataPlatformGeeks.com & SQLServerGeeks.com is a community portal on Microsoft SQL Server, an RDBMS product from Microsoft. SQL Server is key component of Microsoft’s Data & Business Intelligence Platform strategy.

DataPlatformGeeks.com & SQLServerGeeks.com is a community initiative by our Director, Amit Bansal, who also is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for SQL Server.

Through DataPlatformGeeks.com & SQLServerGeeks.com, we (authors, speakers & contributors) try to impart & spread knowledge around SQL Server through our blogs, podcasts, webcasts & in-person events. And we are fully dedicated to the SQL Server community.

Content on the site is written by people who have commendable experience with SQL Server. DataPlatformGeeks.com & SQLServerGeeks.com also organizes web-events and In-person events. DataPlatformGeeks.com & SQLServerGeeks.com is supported by Microsoft. We are grateful to all our supporters. We are thankful to our members, guests & our audience who actively participate online, in web-events and in in-person events. And a big thank you to all our contributors who create content and respond to questions in our forum.

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